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Sam Whitehouse. CChem, FRSC


Sam is Chief Executive Officer of High Force Research and is an experienced executive of scientifically focussed companies, with a demonstrated history of working in life sciences bringing technologies to commercialisation.

Sam has a PhD in Chemistry from Sheffield University and has built several companies in the North of England over his career including pharmaceutical development, diagnostics, medical devices and life science products. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and an Export Champion for the UK Department of International Trade.

Roy Valentine HFR

Roy Valentine. BSc, PhD, CChem


Roy’s background includes employment at Ciba Geigy, Givauden and he helped to establish Wendstone Chemicals which was later acquired by Laporte, before setting up High Force Research together with Stuart Penny and Bob Redfern.

In his previous role as Research Director, Roy oversaw all of the non-GMP specific chemistry projects and managed a team of synthetic chemists made up of Team Leaders and Research and Process Development Chemists with BSC; PhD and Post-Doctoral experience. Although he still likes to get back to the bench when he can.

Stuart Penny HFR

Stuart Penny. MRSC, CChem

Chief Technical Officer

A Chartered Chemist, as Operations Director, Stuart introduced GMP operations to High Force Research and is currently responsible for overseeing development of new chemical entities through development to small scale GMP manufacture. Stuart is responsible for preparing all GMP proposals and manages a team of GMP trained Chemists. When time permits, he likes to return to the lab to help out with synthetic projects.

Before helping establish High Force Research he previously worked in the Fine Chemicals Industry where he gained many years experience as a Process Development Chemist in laboratory and pilot plant operations.

Tristan Sillars. FCA

Chief Operating Officer

Tristan is Chief Operating Officer of High Force Research. He is an experienced board level professional who has operated across a variety of businesses throughout the North East of England, more recently specialising in life science.

Tristan has a wealth of experience in finance, commercial operations and logistics. He has led many different businesses through fundraising activities and growth strategies, including medical diagnostic and early stage pharmaceutical companies. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Gemma Alderson. BSc

QC Manager

Gemma joined High Force Research in 2020 after working at GSK for over 10 years and completing a BSc in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science. She has worked with final product formulations and API’s analysing shelf-life stability as well as analysing reference materials for API’s, intermediates and related impurities.  She also has experience managing a medical device laboratory at Helena Biosciences.

Gemma’s role involves the management of the Quality Control Laboratory and ensuring that products manufactured at High Force Research are analysed following the client’s specification.

Zoe Hudson HFR

Zoe Hudson. BSc, MSc

Head of Quality Assurance

Zoe worked at GSK before joining High Force Research in 1996 where she initially started work in the synthetic development laboratories. She quickly became involved with all GMP aspects of High Force Research’s work and was fundamental in setting up the quality control department.

She became QC Manager (2002) prior to being appointed QA manager (2004) before her present role as Head of Quality Assurance. Zoe oversees all regulatory compliance and quality matters and is the first port of call for everything QA-related.

Jane Klotz. Assoc CIPD

HR Manager

With over 25 years of experience in human resource management, Jane joined the team at HFR in May 2021 to support the business growth, including recruitment and training, and to develop initiatives to enable the company to be an employer of choice, through engagement and well-being programmes, succession planning and career development.

Jane has previously worked in a range of SME businesses in the North East including hospitality, e-commerce and engineering, as well as event management and post-16 education. With an in-depth knowledge of HR, training, business improvement and compliance, her role on the management team is to provide a hands-on approach to the success of the organisation.

Nicola Lembicz HFR

Nicola Lembicz. BSc, PhD

Head of Manufacture

Nicola joined High Force Research in 1996 after completing her PhD at Newcastle University with Prof. Bernard Golding on ‘The Design and Synthesis of Novel Inhibitors of the DNA repair enzyme MGMT.’

She has successfully completed many research projects with High Force Research and has particular expertise in nucleoside and carbohydrate chemistries. Nicola is responsible for all new and current research and development projects and oversees traceable manufacture at the Bowburn site.

Neil Sim HFR

Neil Sim. MChem, PhD

Head of Research

Neil joined High Force Research in 2014 following a highly successful PhD under the supervision of Prof. David Parker FRS at Durham University, where he developed novel imaging probes for glutamate receptors. Initially joining the chemical R&D team at Bowburn, Neil quickly became more involved in all new projects at High Force, and in 2016 was appointed to lead the team at our research labs at NETPark.

Neil’s role involves the management of all aspects of work at the NETPark site as well as facilitating new academic partnerships and collaborations. He has expertise in multistep chemical synthesis across a range of sectors, with particular focus on Molecular Imaging and Diagnostics.

Barry Thompson HFR

Barry Thompson. BSc, PhD

Technical Project Manager

Barry joined High Force Research in 2002 after completing his PhD at Sunderland University under the supervision of Prof. Paul Groundwater & Prof. Otto Meth-Cohn, studying the multistep convergent synthesis of Alnusoxide via two alternative routes.

His role at HFR is primarily focused on process development and the scale-up of chemical processes to the kilogram scale, utilising the large scale reactors and equipment at High Force Research’s Bowburn site. Expertise includes the development of API intermediates, electronic and inorganic compounds, plus polymers and nanoparticles.


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