Five new members of the HFR research team

HFR Research Team Reflects Sector Growth

The UK CRO sector is at one of it’s strongest points right now, with a notable increase in demand for specialist expertise and services which can support projects throughout their life cycle.

This is evidenced through increased numbers of mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and investments that aim to integrate services to clients.

> UK Contract Research Organisations – An Overview of the Current Landscape, Lifescience Industry, 13 April 2021

In keeping with this trend, the ability to support early phase innovation, through proof of concept and into commercialisation, has made High Force Research an attractive partner for those outsourcing synthetic chemistry projects. The result of this is new projects involving novel nucleoside chemistries, development of API therapeutics and materials for molecular diagnostics, leading to the appointment of five new dedicated chemists into the Research Team at NETPark.

We are very pleased to welcome:

Dr Selma Dormen who recently completed her PhD in cancer therapeutics at the Institute for Cancer Research at Newcastle University

Nathan Price who brings valuable industrial experience as a Development Chemist at Lianhetech

Dr Jasmine Cross, after completing her Postdoctoral research in PROTAC technologies at the University of Leicester

Dr Rebecca Clarke, following the completion of her Postdoctoral research in peptide chemistry at the University of Glasgow

Dr Richard James, after completing his PhD in dye sensitised solar cells at Newcastle University.

Commenting on the expansion of the R&D team, Dr Neil Sim said,

‘We have a really solid foundation of long-term projects, coupled with an expansive pipeline which makes it a very exciting time to be joining HFR. We’re very pleased with the new members of the team. Their skills and experiences add further strength and breadth, which ultimately translates into value for our clients.’

High Force Research still have open vacancies within the R&D team.
For more information please see our > Career Opportunities.

Image. Craig McNair ID Event Photography

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