Coronavirus News

Due to the impact the Coronavirus is having on society and public wellbeing, we have taken actions to ensure any negative impact on our business operation and the service we offer to our clients will be kept to a minimum.

Our labs and QC functions will still be operational. We will be employing a two shift system during this current period in order to protect our colleagues who are not able to work from home, ensuring minimal interruption to our business functions. This is designed to maximise the safety of our staff by reducing social contact as much as possible, resulting in fewer people on site at any one time and an increased area of personal space.

Staff involved with office and administration functions are already working from home. Consequently, if you are contacting us by phone there may be a delay or no one available to answer your call.

We are still contactable by email using:

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

We have temporarily ceased all business travel and remain available by telephone or video conferencing in order to fulfil any meeting requirements.

HFR will continue to follow UK government guidelines and implement any modifications to our working practices as appropriate. During this period, we will remain transparent and provide any updates on the impact these may have to our daily business functions. Should there be any special requirements you may need us to put into place during this period, please do inform us and we will work with you to implement any necessary changes.

HFR wishes your families and colleagues the very best of health during this challenging and uncertain time. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist you in any way we can and will continue to do this to the very best of our ability.

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