Take your innovation from concept to market using our cross sector technical and commercial expertise

About   I   Collaboration

Over the last thirty years we’ve worked on a broad range of projects across multiple sectors.

If you have an exciting project you’d like to collaborate on, we would love to hear from you. There are a number of ways we can help in the development and commercialisation of your project, not just as a contract chemical manufacturer.


+ Develop your technical proof of concept
+ Collaborative risk sharing approach
+ End to end project partner
+ Access to chemists & laboratory facilities
+ Numerous funding mechanisms
+ Strong Track Record in Academic Collaborations
+ Collaborating with start-ups to global companies
+ Avoid pitfalls & accelerate route to market

Collaboration and flexibility are key to a successful partnership and HFR are willing to share the risk by investing time and money.

We can work on the following basis:

+  Fee For Service (FFS)
+  Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
+  Partnership/Joint Venture/Risk Sharing

A novel polymeric ion sensor

New robust material for effective encapsulation of molecular sensors



From nurturing emerging talent with our sponsorship programme for University PhD students across a broad range of chemical and biochemical projects to our partnerships with some of the UK’s leading faculties.

Here’s some examples of projects HFR have supported:

PhD Sponsorships

Durham University

Dr Ehmke Pohl/ Charlie Tomlinson.
The development and characterisation of synthetic retinoids in therapies and assays

Dr Robert Pal/Kathleen Bowes.
SERS Raman probes for targeting and detecting skin cancer.

Newcastle University

Dr Mike Carrol/Oliver Gray.
Development and Evaluation of Novel Diagnostic Probes for use with the Medical Imaging Technique of Positron Emission Tomography.

Northumbria University

Dr Serghios Moschos/Joe O’Sullivan.
Resolving the intracellular molecular therapy bottleneck for airways disease.


University of Oxford
Oxford OxICFM.
Centre for Doctoral Training in Inorganic Synthesis for Future Manufacture.

Durham University

Dr. Jon Sanderson. Dr. Indranil Duttagupta
(EPSRC Impact Acceleration Programme).
A Fast and Efficient Route to Custom Phospho Lipids.

Loughborough University

Dr. Stephen Butler, Dr. Helen Willcock.
(HEIF)  Hydrogel Sensors for Point of Use Diagnostics.